• Fang the Croc

    I love taking long naps in my swamp and keeping cool in the water.
  • Marigold the Sunshine

    You'll find me keeping my friends warm, being my bright bubbly self.
  • Roo the Kangaroo

    I bounce around a lot, I'm never in one spot!
  • Charlie the Cockatoo

    I'll love perching on branches stretching out in the sunshine.
  • Buddy the Snake

    I'm often just Sssslithering around in the sandy earth, and sun baking on rocks.
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Meet our Reef Gang friends

The vibrant Coral Reef is home to all our Reef Gang friends! They love nothing better than to splash ain the salty water and go with the flow of the tide.

  • Finn the Shark

    I'm the fastest swimmer in the ocean, or I like to think I am…I love a race and never shy away from adventure either.
  • Pearl the Mermaid

    I bring a sparkle wherever I go. Bright and spirited, with a bubbly personality.
  • Oscar the Octopus

    I love splashing around with my friends in the Reef and squeezing into tight spots to hide.
  • Snappy the Crab

    I hideout in rocks and move nimbly around, snapping at unsuspecting toes.
  • Ella the Seahorse

    The horse of the ocean! I twirl gracefully through the ocean currents, getting swayed by the tides.
  • Stevie the Stingray

    Friendly as can be! I love gliding next to boats and boards.
  • Sandy the Submarine

    So much to see in the deep reef! I keep an eye on all my friends to make sure they're safe
  • Billy the Puffer Fish

    When I get too excited I puff up into a spikey ball. Which is more often than not.
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